Pergolenviertel Wohnhof Feldahornweg

Project type
Wettbewerb 2016, 1. Preis
SAGA Siedlungs- und Aktiengesellschaft Hamburg GWG
9654 m²
Living units
Construction period

In the immediate vicinity of the Stadtpark, between City Nord and the neighbourhoods on Alte Wöhr and the adjacent Barmbek-Nord, the Pergolenviertel is one of the Hanseatic City's largest residential development projects in the Hamburg Nord district. Winking · Froh won the competition in 2016 with their designs for two building sites and three residential courtyards on Winterlindenweg and Feldahornweg. In summer 2021, the third residential courtyard on Feldahornweg will be completed with 88 subsidised rental flats, shared flats for people with assistance needs and a daycare centre with 100 places, multifunctional exercise space, a play area, a neighbourhood room and car-sharing facilities in the underground car park. In the transition to the adjacent neighbourhoods on Alte Wöhr in the south, a greyish red was specified for the clinker brick. The daycare centre is directly adjacent to the allotment gardens and the passageway, which is covered by pergolas and acts as a walkable boundary between public and private space.