Susanne Winking

Geschäftsführung, Project Management

Susanne Winking, managing director at Winking · Froh  Architekten, studied architecture up to the undergraduate level at the Technical University of Berlin and then completed an apprenticeship as a draftsman in a renowned architectural firm in Berlin. Subsequently, she shifted her activity from planning to object supervision and started her practice directly on a construction site for an architecture office from Kiel. In the course of her career as a construction manager, she gradually took over all activities in object supervision and project management. Susanne Winking was in charge for the realization of numerous projects for construction companies, property developers and engineering offices. Most recently, she managed two inner-city residential projects in Hamburg and Hanover for an international developer. Her references in the field of project management include both the construction and the refurbishment of commercial buildings, industrial structures, residential buildings and buildings for health. Her experience includes the entire commercial and technical phases of the construction process. In January 2020, Susanne Winking joined the management team at Winking · Froh  Architekten. As managing director in Hamburg, Susanne Winking is responsible for project management and object supervision for all of our projects.