Dipl.-Ing Architekt

Stefan Waselowsky

Geschäftsführung, Projektleitung

Stefan Waselowsky, managing director at Winking · Froh  Architekten, studied architecture at the Hochschule fuer bildende Kuenste in Hamburg. During his studies, he worked in renowned Hamburg architecture offices in the field of office construction and refurbishment. He joined the office of Prof. Bernhard Winking Architekten BDA in 1994 and has been head of the Hamburg office since 1998. Stefan Waselowsky is a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Architects and has been managing director at Winking · Froh  Architekten since 2017. He won numerous building and urban development competitions and also acts as judge in architectural competitions. Projects as Campushalle in Flensburg, the Landesschulen in Wuppertal and several school buildings in Hamburg emerged from the successful participation in competitions. In addition to numerous residential buildings, the focus of his work at Winking · Froh  Architekten is on public buildings for education and sports. Award-winning are the housing projects on Averhoffstrasse, on Baeckerbreitergang and the conversion of the former coffee exchange in Hamburg's Speicherstadt into a hotel.