Atelierhaus HFBK

Project type
Wettbewerb 2017, 1. Preis, Auftrag nach Wettbewerb
Sprinkenhof GmbH Hamburg
BDA Hamburger Architekturpreis 2022

The long-needed extension to the Hamburg University of Fine Arts HFBK was realised by Winking · Froh  Architekten after winning the competition in 2017 and completed in January 2022. The studio building was created as a free-standing cube next to the main building by Fritz Schumacher from 1913. The clinker facade covers the cube like a buoyant fabric. In their layering, the diagonally cut window reveals arranged in opposite directions create an image rich in tension. While the main building is aligned with the Eilbek Canal and is thus slightly slanted towards the Lerchenfeld, the new building is oriented towards the Lerchenfeld. These different orientations create a tension and at the same time an open space between the buildings that opens up to the street. This gives the studio building greater structural independence from the main building. The ground floor houses three exhibition rooms, while twelve studios for students are arranged on the upper floors. The examination of Schumacher buildings is a constant in the work of Bernhard Winking, Martin Froh and the office. After the Zeughausmarkt, the extension of the residential courtyards on the Osterbekkanal in Jarrestadt, the extensions of the Davidwache and the Johanneum, the extension of the university is the seventh project in which the new building refers to a Schumacher building, but also stands out from it.