August 2021
1st Prize of the Housing Award for Wohnhöfe Pergolenviertel

Winking - Froh Architekten have been awarded 1st prize in the Hamburg 2020 Housing Prize for the residential courtyards in the Pergolenviertel. The jury, consisting of Prof. Dietmar Eberle, Baumschlager Eberle, Tim Heide, Heide von Beckerath and Franz-Josef Höing, Chief Building Director in Hamburg, voted unanimously in favour of awarding us the Housing Prize; we had entered for the Ideas Prize. The award, which is presented by the Architekturcentrum under the patronage of Senator Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, aims to "highlight special structural and design qualities as well as integrative and sustainable solutions in housing construction", according to the text of the award. In the Pergolenviertel, we succeeded in creating leeway for the high-quality façades within the narrow specifications of the design guidelines by means of a well thought-out organisation of the internal development and a sensible arrangement of the special uses, which remained within the budget.